extreme fight club

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under the legendary Renzo Gracie.   Hani also has a wrestling background; trained under Greco Roman Olympic gold medalist Momir Petkovic and 3X NCAA Wrestling champion John Monaco.  He has studied in numerous styles of fighting and has an extensive background in Mixed Martial Arts.  Since early childhood Hani the youngest of 5 boys began training in grappling and boxing ,  with his father an army veteran who consistently taught the boys army combative skills and submissions in real life situations. Hani’s individual style of fighting blends all of the arts allowing for a more diversified instruction giving way to the most unique style of Mixed Martial Arts today.  A custom tailored EFC curriculum through positive reinforcement,  Hani has motivated his students to achieve the impossible.  Hani is no stranger to the fight scene; currently managing UFC veterans Jesse Taylor and Dante Rivera among many other rising stars.  Hani has also managed some of the biggest names in boxing,  David Reid, WBA Junior Middleweight World Champion,  1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, as well as Omar Sheika, 1996 Olympic Alternate,  4x world title challenger , 2003 & 2004 ESPN fight of the year contestant.  Hani is also the CEO & Founder of Extreme Fighting Championship, the area’s premier  MMA promotion.