extreme fight club

Hani Darwish

EFC Founder & Head Instructor

Professor Hani Darwish, BJJ Black Belt

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John Monaco

Wrestling Instructor

One of the best all-time competitors and coaches from the state of New Jersey, John Monaco wrestled for Syracuse University and Montclair State University.

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John Corbett

Boxing Instructor

John Corbett has been coaching boxing for more than thirty years. As a young child, his interest in the sport stemmed after seeing a ‘Muhammad Ali’ fight. He began his training at the Lou Costello’s gym in Paterson, NJ where majority of his training took place.

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Eddie Diaz

Teen/Adults MMA Instructor/EFC Fighter

Eddie has 3 years experience in MMA and holds a Purple belt rank. He won 3rd place Nosa in April 2012 and has an EFC Fighter Amateur Record of 3-1.

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Gabriel Fonseca

Little Lion & Junior Champions Instructor/EFC Fighter

Gabriel has 5 years wrestling and BJJ experience, 2 years boxing and 10 years in youth counseling experience. He holds a BJJ Blue belt rank and is undefeated.

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Gabriel Ruiz

Assistant Instructor

Gabriel is one our assistant instructors. He has experience in Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing and Muay Thai. He holds an EFC blue belt rank in MMA under Hani Darwish.

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